Amanda Hibbert

Amanda Hibbert

In typical factual form, Amanda Hibbert knows the actual month she started her career in the financial industry – November 2004. Experience in the marketplace has led her to become the preferred knowledge provider for all Mortgage and Equity Release information.

Amanda’s passion lies in providing advice for first-time buyers to secure their own home. Her expertise has witnessed the majority of her clients achieve their lifelong goal of purchasing their first home. Amanda insists on treating each client equally, whether considering purchasing a first property, or releasing equity.

Amanda assists her clients in entering into suitable and secure Equity Release schemes. Within this complex and high-risk market, receiving the right advice is invaluable. Amanda adheres to the BP Sanders provision of trust, truth and transparency and holds a CII certification in mortgage advice and membership of Equity Release Council.

“With so many factors to consider, it’s incredibly daunting when searching and applying for a mortgage. And it’s desperately hard for first time buyers to get a mortgage. It is my job to supply clarification, whilst providing the best opportunity for getting your approval accepted. I aim to eliminate the known stress involved to make the process as exciting a prospect as it should be,” says Amanda.

In her spare time, Amanda likes to dance. So much so that she actually has a degree in dance. Perhaps one to look out for on next year’s Strictly?